G-Skate ®

G-Skate® is a high pressure laminate adjusted for the use as a surface for skateboards ramps. The performance of G-Skate® is achieved by the property of the HPL core that gives a high performance of mechanical properties (tensile strength, flexural strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high electrical resistance) together with a special surface treatment for high surface performance (high abrasion, a low slippery effect that is suitable for the use of hard and soft skateboard wheels and high impact resistance). The laminate is produced from different layers of impregnated paper (phenolic for core and melamine for surface) pressed in a high pressure hydraulic press that exposes the impregnated 2 paper layers to high temperatures (up to 150ºc) and high pressures (up to 90 Kg/cm ).

EN Classification: CGS, CGF

EN 438-4

Thickness Range: 4 mm - 12 mm

Dimensions: 1220 x 2440 mm