G-Lam® is produced in 2 ways – HPL and CPL and in 2 grades: standard and postforming.

Laminate offers increased wear resistance and hygienic surface properties.

A wide selection of high-quality colour options are available which in conjunction with our state-of-art production techniques allow us to offer the highest global

laminate technology and quality.

Laminate is ideal for use in the retail environment, interior decoration, home and office furniture, kitchen and bathroom worktops, hotels, schools, public

buildings in fact almost any application where increased surface wear is required.

G-Lam® HPL

G-Lam® HPL in standard or postforming grade decorative laminate is produced with thickness range of 0.40 mm to 1.80 mm in various size options and

different surface finishes.

HPL is produced by impregnating papers and then pressing under 100 – 120 kg/m2 pressure and 160 0C temperature for 60-70 minutes.

The laminate surface is nonporous and does not allow bacterial growth due to its surface being formed under both high pressure and high temperature.

G-Lam® CPL

G-Lam® CPL is produced by continuous production method; impregnated papers are pressed between cylinders and drawn through two steel bands under

pressure at 170 0C temperature.

G-Lam® CPL also does not allow bacterial growth thanks to its nonporous surface.

It is supplied in postforming grade as sheets or rolls, thicknesses between 0.40 mm – 0.90 mm and can cut to any length to keep wastage to a minimum.

EN Classification: HGS, VGS, HGP, VGP

EN 438-3

Thickness: 0,20 mm - 1,20 mm


HPL : 940 x 2140 mm – 1220 x 2440 mm – 1300 x 2800 mm – 1300 x 3050 mm

         1400 x 3660 mm – 1540 x 3050 mm – 1540 x 3660 mm