G-Ext ®

The Surface of G-Ext® Exterior grade compact laminate is enhanced by using an electron beam cure (EBC) system which is used by only a few leading

firms of the world.

G-Ext® shows superior endurance when it is exposed to UV radiation, direct sun light, rain, acid rain, wind, scratching and friction.

The special coating ensures the UV resistance and colour stabilization is always one step ahead from equivalent products from other competitors.

G-Ext® decorative panels has compliance certificate in accordance with European Standards. Therefore they comply with entire product and

environmental regulations. Beside its superior endurance, does not contain hazardous materials and it is environment friendly. G-Ext® decorative

panels may be produced in B1 class which has fire-resistance feature if desired.

G-Ext® decorative panels have 10 years guarantee and an extensive life span, provided that conditions specified in general specification will be

G-Ext® is used for all types of exterior cladding on buildings and structures such as residents, workplaces, business centers, banks, public buildings,

sport plants, stadiums, airports and hospitals as well as balcony coatings.


EN Classification : EDS, EDF

EN 438 – 6 / 7

Thickness : 4 mm - 20 mm

Dimensions : 1300 x 2800 mm -1300 x 3050 mm

Other sizes upon request,

Price List

G-Ext® - 2800x1300 / 3050x1300





84,08 лв. /m²

89,69 лв. /m²


89,69 лв. /m²

95,30 лв. /m²


95,30 лв. /m²

100,90 лв. /m²


106,51 лв. /m²

112,11 лв. /m²


117,72 лв. /m²

123,32 лв. /m²


128,93 лв. /m²

134,32 лв. /m²


140,14 лв. /m²

145,75 лв. /m²

Notes :

  • Prices are per square meter (plate size 2800x1300 - 3,640 m²; plate size 3050x1300 - 3,965 m²), without VAT, valid for warehouse city Pazardzhik. Possible delivery to the warehouse / object of the client
  • The sets are available in the CATALOG section of www.brandmax.bg
  • For single-faced G-Ext color of the back side is to technological process.
  • For extra save with transport film added 1.80 BGN / m² for a country to net prices.
  • Minimum quantities for not on stock - 25 pcs. for double-faced and 50 pcs. for single-faced coverage
  • All boards class EXTERIOR have a certificate EN 438-7 EDS. Certification EDF adding 15% to net prices.

Certificates and technical data: